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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Hypnotize Tip #1- The Three Golden Rules

In Hypnosis, it is important to stick to three general rules. Now these rules are more important when hypnotherapy comes into play. Hypnotherapy is the process of treating a patient through the use of hypnosis. Now when you hypnotize someone and begin hypnotherapy, the first rule comes into play. This rule is quite simple to stick to but is very profound and important. The first rule is to keep all of your assumptive frames and other leading notions positive when leading the patient when hypnotized. Its important to not go into negative frames when leading a hypnotized patient. The second rule to place your hypnotic suggestions in the present tense, even if you want to set up a timeline for a desired result always place the suggestive frame in the present. Now the last rule is to keep future pacing frames you want to implement and place them into statements of face to the subconscious of the patient under hypnosis.

How To Hypnotize